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ASTYMIN rewards excellent kids



Brilliance Pupils and their parents in over one hundred schools were over the weekend gathered in Lagos to celebrate the kids’ academic success as ASTYMIN created the platform for a time of extreme fun and thrill.Speaking before the commencement of the funfair that was driving by assorted games, food and drinks sponsored by Fidson Healthcare Plc, the Sales and Marketing Director, Fidson Healthcare, Mr. Olugbenga Olayeye said that the ASTYMIN Brilliance Rewards, is a unique corporate initiative to recognize, reward and hopefully encourage further pursuit of academic excellence among a group of young primary school pupils from over 100 partnering schools.

Who have individually distinguished themselves by emerging as the Best Graduating Pupil in their respective schools.To achieve excellence, Gbenga stated that in whatever form, demands a lot of self-sacrifice stressing that the pupils have devoted many hours to their studies, just to give themselves that edge over their classmates.He reiterated that inasmuch as the kids have made sacrifices to excel, there’s no doubt that their parents and teachers have equally made sacrifices on their behalf adding: “Daddy and Mummy have devoted a lot of time, money and support, both physical and emotional, to facilitate your success.

These are the kind of parents that are not too tired, even after a physically exhausting day at work, to supervise your homework, help you solve whatever difficulties you might have, and provide you with the books and other learning aids you need to supplement those that your school may have already provided.”According to him, teachers too, have no doubt made invaluable contributions toward their success, by pushing them hard everyday in class to ensure that they don’t slacken off.“Just as a good trainer or coach is largely responsible for helping a promising athlete to achieve the optimum level of performance, so also credit must be given to your teachers for helping to make you the outstanding scholars that you are today,” he said.The lesson Olayeye want the Children to learn on the whole is that: Excellence will always be recognized, appreciated and rewardedHis words: “We at FlDSON feel every bit as proud of you as your parents and teachers. To be acknowledged and acclaimed as the best in any competitive endeavour is a remarkable achievement, and it is even more pleasing when the recognition is for academic brilliance.As winners of the ASTYMIN Brilliance Rewards, each of you has earned the right to put the initials, ABR after your name, in the same manner that people who are awarded national honours like MON, OON, OFR, GCON and GCFR are entitled to include these initials after their names.You are the first set of recipients to be so honoured, but I can assure you that many more prize-winning pupils will follow in your footsteps in subsequent years, because the ASTYMIN BRILLIANCE REWARDS is hereto stay.Finally, I would like to state that this party does not mean the end of our association with you.

 On the contrary, this marks the beginning!As far as we are concerned, each of you is now an ASTYMIN ambassador, and we intend to follow your academic progress in secondary school with keen interest, and to give you as much support and encouragement to excel as possible.One other thing we hope to achieve by bringing you all together here is that this event will create a platform where new and lasting friendships will be formed between the various families here.” - See more at:

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