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Fidson Healthcare spends over N10m to reward brilliant children


July 9, 2014 |  Author: Alexander Chiejina

With increased internet accessibility and proliferation of social networks, which should be tools for social education, research and intellectual exchange, have unfortunately becoming platforms for various delinquencies, Ijimakin noted, saying the ABR is one way the brand intends to contribute to the development of the country’s educational system and the future of the Nigerian children.

According to Ijimakin, “this is another season of delight for the children who have worked so hard and perform exceptionally in their academics.

“The company is once again using this platform to demonstrating its brand promise of adding value to people’s lives; this time around by promoting children’s educational development, courtesy of the Astymin brand.”

Explaining the rationale for the event, according to Ijimakin, Astymin brand supports various school programmes in primary schools.

“Essentially, students in primary schools in Lagos State write an essay on a topic agreed upon by their teachers. The teachers also assess them and chose the best of the entries. Astymin rewards the child with the best essay and this happen on a monthly basis.

“There are also online activities on the Astymin Official website:, which students can access for educational materials,” Ijimakin disclosed.

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