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I Used To Be Very Playful At Home And In School — Astymin Award Winner


RECOGNISING outstanding students among youngsters and rewarding them accordingly are necessary means to promote hard work and excellence in the school system. In this light, different schools have adopted different ways to encourage excellence among youngsters in the education system.

For instance, at Seed of Life College, Ibadan, the best student during the promotional examination will enjoy full scholarship in the next class. Similarly, at Afe Babalola University, students in First Class grade level at the end of the second semester examination are given one year full scholarship to appreciate them. Also, some organisations do organise series of competitions in form of quizes, debates and best brain examinations, to identify brilliant students and thus commend them.

Recently, Fidson Health care Plc, producers and marketer of quality health care products such as ASTYMIN and others, organised a programme to honour some distinguished primary school pupils in the south west part of the country, in line with their outstanding academic performances in their respective schools.

After a series of efforts to select best pupils from different schools in the South-West by the Fidson Health care Plc, 250 pupils were randomly selected among other brilliant boys and girls in all the primary schools in Oyo, Ogun, Lagos and Osun States for recognition.

The beneficiaries, who were best pupils in their various schools, were assembled at Grange Schools, Ikeja, Lagos for honour, courtesy of Fidson Health care Plc.

According to Miss Abimbola Ige, the company’s promo Coordinator for the West, the programme was part of the company’s social responsibility in contribution towards educational development and to identify with Nigerian children in the sector.

Rising Stars observed that the programme, entitled ‘ASTYMIN kid Brilliance Reward’, was the second of its kind in the history of the company, and it was meant to promote academic excellence, hard work and to give the children a sense of belonging in the education development process in the country.

Meanwhile, Rising Stars had a chat with one of the beneficiaries of the brilliance reward programme from Oyo State, Miss Ifeoluwa Osofisan from The Lords’ Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan, about the programme. Ifeoluwa, a 10-year-old girl, was the best pupil of the year in her school, which was what gave her the privilege to compete with other geniuses in the just concluded Astymin brilliance reward ceremony held in Lagos for the select brilliant students in the country.

Ifeoluwa shared her academic experience and also talked about her school and the programme.

Rising Stars gathered that Ifeoluwa joined the Lord’s Nursery and Primary School at the age of three where she grew socially, morally and academically to become the best pupil in her set.

Speaking about her academic experience she said: “I was not the best student when I was in Primary One. This was because I was very playful then. But when I got to Primary Two, I became very serious with my studies both at home and at school. As a result of this, I became the best student from primary two to my final class in the school. It cost me listening attentively in class and reading my textbooks and note books always, doing a lot of workings in Mathematics and every other subject. My parents and my elder sisters also taught me a lot of things too; they were my teachers at home.

Moreso, I always allow people to teach me what I do not understand. Being playful and stubborn in school can affect someone’s education. “In this regard I want to advice those in junior class to always read their books and pay attention in class’’.

Talking about her school, she described the proprietress of her school, Mrs. Joseph, as a friendly and caring person. According to her, all her teachers are friendly and very good in teaching.

“I want to advice my proprietress to keep the standard. Mathematics and English are my best subjects. This is because we had good Mathematics and English teachers. They know how to teach those subjects very well,” she said.

Sharing her experience at the reward ceremony in Lagos, Ifeoluwa asserted that it was a good programme. According to her, all the participants had a nice time, adding that she had many friends. “It was a memorable event. May God bless Fidson health care, the organisers of the programme,” she concluded.

Rising Stars gathered that Ifeoluwa is aspiring to become a chartered accountant in the nearest future.

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