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Astymin Brilliance Reward

Astymin Brilliance Reward

Astymin Brilliance Reward is a unique initiative of Fidson Healthcare Plc, aimed at encouraging and rewarding outstanding performance amongst Primary School pupils. This is one of the ways the Astymin brand contributes to the development of the country’s educational system and the future of Nigerian children.

This is an annual event in which the best pupils from about two hundred schools across several states across the south-west and South-eastern region will be recognized, appreciated and rewarded with educational materials at the event.

The ABR event brings together hundreds of kids, parents, teachers and stakeholders in Nigerian Educational system in an atmosphere of fun, friendship, sharing, networking and excitement. There will be lots of music, dance, games and jokes to the delight of the kids.

Astymin is dedicated to enriching the lives of Nigerian children by supporting their drive for academic excellence and inspiring them to attain greater heights in life. The brand will continue to take the giant stride in rewarding brilliant primary school kids in a way that will motivate them to stay focused on their studies, believing that merit and hard work can still be rewarded.

Winners in this year’s event will join previous winners in the ABR Hall of Fame’. This is a platform to keep all the winners together in a forum, where they can connect, share ideas and knowledge.
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