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Astymin School Support Program

Astymin School Support Program

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Education has been recognized as a basic human right since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so Fidson as a company that values life would want to do anything in uplifting the status of education in her immediate environment and the whole country at large, has shown interest in doing so through schools under the umbrella of ASTYMIN®.

Fidson has done this in all the education systems in Nigeria Kindergarten, primary education, secondary education and tertiary education, but most prominently in the Kindergarten and primary education which is the basis of all forms of education and in this category, Over 1000 schools events have been sponsored across the nation.


ASTYMIN® is a unique nutritional supplement that contains all the 8 essential amino acids (EAA) and 11 vitamins. These EAAs amino acids are essential to children because they help to
• boost both their physical and mental alertness hence improve performance in school
• effectively promote growth and development
• strengthen body ‘s immunity hence prevent infection

Basically ASTYMIN® School Program is an aspect of Fidson’s community social responsibility profile carried out through schools.


• To help in the intellectual development of pupils
• Demonstrating that ASTYMIN® is a brand that cares
• Giving ASTYMIN® top of the mind awareness from early years among this target group
• Building brand loyalty

ASTYMIN® school program is a program aimed at getting brand loyalty from kids and young adults. It is also a way to give back to the community and this is done by events sponsorship in schools.
Basically, this program comprises of 3 types of school activities that are always organized throughout the year in schools.

The 3 types of event organised are illustrated thus:

First Term End of Year Party
Second Term Inter House Sports
Third Term Graduation & Prize Giving Party

Apart from the above stated events, other events that could come up during any of these terms are family funfair, cultural day, Health week, e.t.c.

At these events where the audiences are usually kids, young adults and their parents, a health talk is always delivered to drive down the importance of ASTYMIN® to kid’s young adults and adults alike.

Different gifts ranging from products (ASTYMIN®), writing materials, T-shirts, school bags e.t.c. are given out to students directly as a means of encouragement during these events at different times.

This event is usually a moment of making merriments closing for the year and it always coincide with the Yuletide season (celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ). We use this moment to drive it down the kids that it is a time to share what you have with those that do not have.

This is an avenue where pupils demonstrate their potentials apart from the normal academic activities to really give meaning to the adage that says” ‘all work and no play make jack a dull boy”

It is a school sporting event featuring sports competition amongst students.


This is an annual school activity featuring the recognition of students who have excelled in various school subjects and activities. This is to encourage and stir up the students that, it pays to excel in whatever they do . Aside events that come up during the above discussed terms, NGO that handles events that are kids and young adults driven seek for supports and this we render with all joy.

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