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Astymin your brand

Astymin is a uniquely formulated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are the building blocks of life and the body's requirement for them increases in times of stress, ill health, convalescence and growth.

The essential amino acids are critical because unlike the non-essential amino acids the body cannot synthesize them even in periods of increased need. Supplementation with Astymin helps bridge the gap between the body's requirement and the supply of these important nutrients. Astymin is essential in children for growth, mental development, alertness and general good health.

In adults, Astymin helps cope with stress of daily living, strengthens the immune system and quickens recovery from illness. Astymin is available for adults as a uniquely formulated capsule that is made by a patented Japanese technology.It is also available as a honey flavored liquid for children and adults who may prefer the liquid/suspension to capsules. There is a specially formulated drops for babies. Whatever your preference, there is an Astymin product meant for you. 

myAstymin was created to offer sustainable and focused interaction between the Astymin brand and selected consumer groups i.e. medical professionals and students from the primary school to the tertiary institutions by creating a platform where consumers can interact with the Product thus creating a top of mind relationship between the brand and target consumers group. 

The focus of myAstymin is the creation of indigenous, innovative, brand specific projects that is aimed at rewarding its consumers and creating awareness on benefit of the products and health related issues.


Good Health is a state in which one is able to function well; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually in order to express the full range o one’s unique potentials within the environment in which one is living. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. For good health and general well being your daily diet must contain a required amount of Amino Acids.


Amino Acids are the body’s building blocks of proteins and are basic to life. Without them no life is possible. There are about 20 different Amino Acids, divided into two broad classes: • Non –Essential Amino Acids – Those that can be made by the human body • Essential Amino Acids – Those that can only be supplied in food Essential Amino Acids Non-Essential Amino Acids Isoleucine Alanine Leucine Arginine Lysine Aspartic Acid Methionine Cysteine Phenylalanine Cystine Tryptophan Glutamic Acid Valine Glycine Threonine Proline Serine

The body is incapable of synthesizing the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and are supplied to the body through diet or supplementation. To obtain the required amount of Amino Acids they must be in the food every day or be given as supplements. The ultimate value of a food protein or protein supplement is in its amino acid composition, particularly how many of the essential amino acids it provides and in what quantity. Different foods contain different numbers and amounts of amino acids.

The ability of the body to synthesize body proteins (Hormones, Enzymes, Antibodies etc) is impaired if even one Essential Amino Acid is missing.

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