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How can I manage fatigue?


Few days back I put up a topic on ‘’why am I always tired’’. This is a sequel to that post and we would be looking at How Tiredness Can Be Managed.

From previous post it seems that tiredness is part of our daily existence. It becomes a major health problem if not properly managed. 

Here are few tips on how tiredness can be managed:

Try to avoid stress as much as possible- This can be achieved by identifying what brings about the stress and do as much as possible to stay clear off it.

Adjust your attitude: Try as much as possible not to have negative thoughts. It is advised to always remain positive and be very optimistic.

Enjoy a good laugh, call up friends, families and loved ones. You can go for concerts or comedy shows or even plan a holiday. You can also spend time with friends.

Listen to music when you are tired.

Get a massage to relax your muscles- it would reduce tiredness and make you sleep better.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water and sleep for at least 5 hours.

Do lots of exercise, like walking, jogging, cycling, dancing and many more.

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